Gendron Bariatric Medical Equipment

Gendron specialize in the design and manufacture of bariatric patient care products. Markets we serve are: acute care, long term care, long term alternate care, rehabilitation and home care. Bariatric patient care products include: beds and associated mattress surfaces, patient lift devices, transfer and transport devices, mobility, seating and personal care. Gendron also provides prescription custom designed manual and power wheelchairs for the bariatric patient. 

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Economy Low Bed

Elite Acute Care Bed

Maxi Rest Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Home Care Bed

Complete Care Bariatric Bed 

Maxi Rest 42

Maxi Rest 42/SR

Sentinel II bariatric low bed

Bariatric Patient Mobility

Attendant Drive Power Bariatric Transport Chair

Regency 450 Recliner Wheelchair

Custom Design Manual And Power Bariatric Wheelchairs

Regency 450 Fixed back Wheelchair

Regency 525 Wheelchairs

Regency High Back Reclining Wheelchairs

Regency XL 2002 Wheelchairs

Regency XL 2000 Wheelchairs 700/750

Bariatric Patient Seating

Bariatric Patient Room Seating

Bariatric Patient Transport

Extra Care Bariatric Stretcher

Series 1190 Bariatric Transport Stretcher

Patient Lift and Assist

Bariatric Patient Lift Slings

Bariatric Portable Patient Helper

Maxi Care Bariatric Lift​

Patient Transport

Model 1050 / General Duty Transport Stretcher

Personal Care and Ambulatory

Bariatric Shower Commode Chair

Folding Bariatric Walker

Specialty Products

MR Safe Bariatric Wheelchairs

MR Safe Transport Stretcher

Wheelchair Cushions/Matresses/Saftey Sheets

Bariatric Mattresses

Safety Sheets

Wheel Chair Cushions

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